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CRP Automotive provides superior, OE-quality replacement parts and fluids through vehicle manufacturers and Independent Warehouse Distributors for end use applications in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

As the largest division of CRP Industries, the Automotive group supplies ContiTech automotive belts and kits, the Rein Automotive line of genuine replacement parts and accessories, and Pentosin technical fluids.

CRP Automotive is ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certified, which means you can count on quality products that are correct in fit, form, fit and function. Not to mention highly trained employees, superior processes, and a dedication to service that's second to none.

Visit or call 800.526.4066 to find out more about CRP Automotive and our family of brands.

ContiTech is an independent division of the Continental Group AG - Germany's largest automotive parts manufacturer. And for over 50 years, CRP has been ContiTech's NAFTA market partner. Known industry-wide as a leader in OE timing belts, timing belt kits, v-belts, and serpentine belts, ContiTech products are designed for quiet operation and long service intervals.
Rein Automotive genuine OE replacement parts are the newest member of the CRP family of brands. But in the short time we've been carrying these quality replacement parts, the Rein name has become very popular. The Rein program covers a wide range of original equipment parts and accessories including AC parts, anti-vibration and suspension parts, axle boot kits, and wheel bearings and bearing kits. So when you need a product for a European import vehicle and quality is a must - it's Rein, or nein.
Globally recognized as an industry leader of OE mineral oil based and synthetic fluids. Pentosin fluids meet the demanding OE standards of many of the world's finest automobile manufacturers and are both original fill and service refill on a number of European, Asian, and domestic car brands. CRP has been Pentosin's NAFTA partner since 1983. The complete Pentosin OE technical replacement fluids program from CRP includes antifreeze, brake and hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and motor oils.
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